State of the Blog 2016

Is it October 18th already? Is today really this blog’s two year anniversary? Well then, that can only mean it’s time for the annual state of the blog address, where I recount the past year and talk about my plans for the future.

Blog-based plans, of course.


(No, I’m not planning to monetize the blog, but this pic almost had you for a sec, huh?)

To start, let’s ditch the faux formality of last year’s State of the Blog if for no other reason than to fall in line with the let-it-all-hang-out / I’m-a-normal-person-like-you tone that my country’s current election seems to have embraced with open arms.

So. The big focus this year was my plan to relocate from New York to California and going through the archives of the past year I can see that my posting schedule was quite spotty. In fact, there were a few months without a single post, due to the fact that behind the scenes, I had a lot going on.


(“Can’t talk. Drafting. But be a doll and pass the ketchup. Thanks.”)

First and foremost I was working really hard with my editor on getting the book I was working on for years in shape for submission. And second was that I was working to set aside money for my move. Those two forces rubbing against one another pushed the posting of this blog a few notches down on my priority list, and while that’s no excuse, it is the truth of what happened.

But looking back over some of the posts it was probably better that I wasn’t posting that much, because my brain and nervous system was being crushed by all the pressure I was putting myself under. Sure, my second year of posting brought us excellent pieces like 5 Things I Learned Driving Across America (Again) and the revealing Can Goblin. Others went to a very real, very dark place. Notably the posts The Best of Times, the Worst of Times, and to a lesser extent, Nobody Likes Rejection. The tone of said posts may cause you to wonder—why? Why go through all this trouble of doing risky stuff like moving to another state? Why care so much about what happens with your fiction writing? In other words, why have you been compelled to take these risks and stick your neck out?

(Nothing against exposed necks, of course.)

Lately I asked myself the same, and came up with the reason, so I’ll spell it out as easily as I can. In summer 2014 I graduated from college, thus ending my formal education. For the next two years, ending in summer 2016, through travel, inner exploration, and assorted risk-taking, I had come to the end of my informal education. Now of course, informal education never truly ends. Many experiences await me in the future, but I’m done taking such extreme measures in search of a great “I-don’t-know-what.” In other words, I’m over being reckless.

Thus, making this the perfect time for the blog to enter its third year, because its creator no longer has his head (and the rest of his body) all over the place. As of this posting I’m writing a standalone novel, the same one introduced in Let Her Rest, and from the pace at which it’s going alone now, I’m looking to submit to some professionals I know in February. I bring this up not to brag or anything like that, but to establish that for me, in order continue writing novels and also keep up with this blog, I have decided to establish a trend where I blog once a month, consistently.


(So from now on, each month will get its very own post, special and unique, like the signs of the zodiac. Make sense?)

Content-wise, I no longer have crazy travels to talk about, such as teaching English in Korea or waking up in Berkeley in a cold sweat. This is good, though. It will allow me to focus a little less on myself, and a little more on stuff that readers would like. Naturally I’m just as experimental as ever, but I’m thinking of more topical stuff and how it relates to my life. I mean, the post Red Rising: My Frustration Abounds has been seeing a lot of traffic lately, so maybe I’ll do another book review? Speaking of books, I want to finally get around to my talked-about-but-never executed post, “A Cabin in the Woods” where I shed light on the writing process for all you lay people.

Should be fun.

But then the pendulum swings in the other direction, and I think about if it’s worth it to blog for another year, and the year after that. For the sake of being open and honest, I’m going to confess that if I can’t get any traction with my writing in the form of a book deal or at the very least representation, we’re looking at a 50/50 chance of me ending this blog on this exact date in 2017.


(Kind of like this film, minus the part where a demon commits sexual assault.)

In other words, the blog would shutter its windows after a three year run. That may sound unfortunate at first, but if it really were to end in a years’ time it would instill a sense of urgency to talk about other topics I’ve been thinking about posting but never got around to because something else came up. Like my thoughts on religion or politics.

Maybe. It’s all up in the air at this point.

Taking it one day at a time,

J. F. Seegitz

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  1. Ozgur A. says:

    I like your posts, I hope you keep going…

    Best Wishes for you

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