A Special Announcement

If you’ve been following this blog, or at the least reading some of my recent posts, you’d know that I planned on spending a year teaching English in South Korea, but due to lack of training, harassment on the job, and Korea itself being a craphole, I had no choice but to quit.

If you’re cynical, pessimistic, or just plain dead inside, you’re probably wringing your hands and thinking to yourself, “Bet he’s unemployed and miserable now, heh heh!” while you lick your reptilian lips and shovel another serving of live cockroaches down the hatch.


(Pretty sure Jabba eats frogs and not cockroaches, but…close enough.)

But nothing could be further from the truth. I came back, was unemployed for one week, lost a lot of sleep from nerves, and then worked 67 hours the week afterwards.

Really. The turnaround from unemployed to working full time was that quick. Most people who read this will think that’s excellent, and while that’s great considering the financial hit I took paying 2k for plane tickets next to the 1k CIEE recruiter’s fee (scam company. Do not use them) on top of the many other fees for the background check, visa, physical exams, et cetera, it means that I have a lot less time to write.

Towards the end of the first week, people were asking me why there wasn’t a blog post up and I was like, “I’m here Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm, sometimes 7 to 9. If I go to bed at 10, who’s going to write this blog? The Tooth Fairy?


(“No. I majored in Political Science.”)

My first week was super busy and I logged in super hours, but the next week slowed down to a more manageable 57. Just as the lungfish must create a mucus sack protect itself during a drought, the blog must also adapt in order to survive. That’s why I’m making an important announcement:

Starting today, the blog follows a bi-weekly schedule.

People confuse bi-weekly with bi-monthly, so let me outline the schedule in black and white for you with a list of upcoming posts:

March 7: The Working Class Culture of Staten Island

March 21: Writer Hate = Homo Hate?

April 4: Auto Pilot Problems

Got it? As always, the best way to follow this blog is to hit the SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL bar on the right. (Do it now before you procrastinate and forget). Or you can follow me on twitter.

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

(Hold on, I’m not finished, people.)

My now busy schedule is the primary reason the blog is bi-weekly, but the truth is that the blog has evolved A LOT since I threw up my first post on October 18th about my first visit to the Strand Bookstore.

For that post, I woke up the Saturday afterwards, typed up its 1,000 words, took a break for a few hours, then tossed in a couple of pictures, and sha-zam-o! the post was live that very night.

When I was done, I realized that doing a blog was not only fun, but easy too! However, as the weeks passed and the posts piled up, it became more difficult and time consuming to add content. As I familiarized myself with WordPress (the software I use for this blog) I kept experimenting with more and more stuff, as there’s a bit of a learning curve. Had me like…

Hard in WordPress

 (“Cut AND paste? Do I need my knife?”)

Fast forward to some of the more recent posts. I’ve found myself not only doctoring photos I’ve found so they’d fit into the blog’s message, but also doing stuff like creating memes and uploading some of my own videos to supplement the posts. Last week’s blog also featured some of my very own pictures from Korea, France, Spain, and San Francisco. All this stuff takes time, people!

And then there’s the length of the posts. The longest post I have on record is Why I left my Hagwon which is over three THOUSAND words. It was so long, that at one point I had to delete the line, “Because this is a blog and not a memoir…” from it. The issue is that I come up with a topic I think is important to talk about, but I don’t just want to “touch on it” – I want to go a bit more in depth.


(“Did someone say…touch?”)

That’s why I’m embracing that idea, and making the bi-weekly posts longer. I want the posts to be meaty and overall WORTH READING. Worth waiting for, in fact!

But I simply can’t do that every week if I’m working full time.

And let’s not forget about my editor Michael Mohr’s notes on the book we’re doing. Those just didn’t up and vanish into thin air! I told him I’d have them ready for him in May, but from where I’m sitting (which is between two middle aged women on the Staten Island Rail) it looks like that won’t be until late June.


“Welcome to the Staten Island Railway. Feeling uncomfortable? GOOD.”

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, and if you like what you’ve read please be sure to SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL so you don’t miss a post. If you have a friend who can benefit from the information please SHARE the post. And of course you can LEAVE A COMMENT below (I want to hear your thoughts as well!).

See you in 2 weeks,

 J. F. Seegitz

P.S. But working full time isn’t all bad. I get paid a healthy check every week, it’s on Staten Island, and there’s a great view of the NYC skyline just outside. See?


 (…Just ignore my photo-bombing cousin.)

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